Lisa Sherwood Midwifery Testimonials

Lisa A.

Lisa A.

I chose Lisa because after having my first baby in the hospital with an OB and my second at home with a Midwife, I wanted a hybrid of the two experiences. I wanted the concern, respect, care, time and love that a midwife has for a mother in a hospital setting. I’ve always respected Midwives for the passion they have. Lisa has that passion and was a perfect fit for me. She took the time to listen to me, my fears and my concerns and give me good sound advice, never rushing me out the door. She understood and respected my wishes to go into labor naturally and in which instances I would get or not get an epidural. She also understood my desire to avoid an episiotomy, move during labor and encapsulate my placenta. I knew she had my best interests at heart and she was there by my side during much of my labor, rather then just to catch the baby. I would recommend her to anyone who desires a stronger connection and more attentive care with their care provider. She is very experienced and my husband and I felt very confident and secure in her care. Most of all she is a wonderful person with a great heart.

– Lisa A.

Heather V.


I am so thankful for the outstanding care I received from Lisa Sherwood during my pregnancy. During my prenatal visits she always took the time to listen to my concerns and I never felt rushed. It was always comfortable for me to discuss any questions or concerns I had about my pregnancy and my upcoming labor and delivery.

While in labor, and prior to arriving at the hospital she was available for me to call and talk about my progress and how I was doing. As soon as I checked into the hospital, Lisa arrived shortly thereafter and stayed with me during my labor. She coached me throughout my labor and provided exceptional support and encouragement which helped me to embrace the challenges of labor.

Having Lisa by my side throughout my labor gave me so much comfort and empowerment. Although my labor did not go as I had planned, due to personal complications, Lisa not only respected and encouraged my desire to deliver naturally but also helped me to make the best decisions for me and my baby as the complications arose. In the vulnerable state I found myself in during labor, I knew throughout that Lisa truly cared about my desires for my birth experience and I trusted she had the experience and knowledge to understand the well-being for us both. Even in the weeks after my delivery, she made sure to keep the lines of communication open for me to call with any questions or concerns I had with both my healing and caring of my newborn baby.

I am so grateful for and appreciative of the care I received from Lisa. Her undivided attention to all of my needs during this first experience as a new mother helped me to trust that I was in the best of care.”

– Heather V.

Brian and Angela S.

Brian & Angela, Lisa Sherwood Midwifery Testimonial

We had our first two daughters at home, and although we sure didn’t know what to expect leading up to each of those experiences, deciding to have our third daughter in the hospital probably caused us the most anxiety of them all. Many of the reasons we had our first two at home, quite frankly, were to avoid the inconveniences, unfamiliarity and uncertainty of being able to follow our birth plan that we associated with birthing in a hospital. That’s where Lisa came in.

As fathers, we already feel a bit helpless when it comes to the birth process, so having Lisa was an extraordinary gift for me personally. She was clear on what we were to expect, had a strong relationship with hospital staff, was determined as we were to follow our plan, and most importantly gave my wife the familiarity and conveniences we thought we would only get at home. She was amazing before, during, and most impressively, after the birth of our healthy baby Elle. The entire experience went well beyond my expectations, and we have Lisa to thank for that (and of course my amazing wife)! – Brian S. (Father)

Lisa Sherwood is an amazing midwife and an even better person. She listens to every concern, spends as much time as you need and provides the same medical knowledge as a doctor but with the care of a mother.

Having had two previous home births, Lisa provided the best of both worlds in a hospital setting. Her incredible hands calmed every contraction and she never left my side. Her level of service is in an echelon of its own.- Angela S. (Mother)

Libby W.

Libby, Lisa Sherwood Midwifery Testimonial

I had the privilege of working with Lisa throughout the pregnancy and delivery of my third baby. She gave me her cell phone number at the first appointment! What other medical professional does that?! At the beginning of each check up, she would always ask, “What’s on your mind?” or “What are you worried about?” and then she would sit and listen to everything on my mind and we would discuss anything I wanted to. She was always patient and caring, and she remembered our family and work situations and she was interested in our updates at every appointment. She quickly became my friend and I could talk with her about any issue and ask her any question. And for the delivery, she was amazing!! She encouraged me throughout the labor and delivery. She helped me make informed choices and addressed my fears and worries. She massaged my back in between contractions and it felt wonderful! She was with me in the labor/delivery room for a remarkable amount of time (most doctors only come to catch the baby, stitch you up and then leave). She stayed with me for a long time and encouraged and supported me! She checked up on me in the hospital each morning after my baby was born just to see how we were doing! My husband got to meet her too and he loves her! Lisa Sherwood is a caring, competent, fully qualified medical professional and I am so grateful that she was able to be my certified nurse midwife! I HIGHLY recommend her to anyone who wants quality, exceptional care!!

– Libby W.

Christina D.

Christina, Lisa Sherwood Midwifery Testimonial

Lisa’s talents and skills in midwifery have been tremendous in giving me the ability to deliver my kids naturally. I am a mother to 6 and she has helped me deliver all of them. Every one of my birth experiences with her have been amazing!

Lisa is so loving, kind, and compassionate and she is more than a midwife because she comes alongside as a friend, caregiver, mother, and someone to lean on.

When I think of the all the labors I’ve had with her the words that come to mind are peaceful, comforting, and possible! They have all been wonderful days in my life that I will remember happily! She brings peace to her surroundings and knows just what to do and when. She encourages you when you need it and is there to support you in your decisions. Over the years she has become a part of our family and we are so thankful to know her.”

-Christina D

Mary F.

Lisa delivered my 3rd baby. I was sure I wanted to deliver with a midwife and was so happy to find that OCWMG had a newly offered midwifery service. I truly cannot say enough about Lisa. She has a kind, servant heart, and she exudes warmth and calm. She walked in to each appointment asking how baby Nicolina was doing, always addressing her by name. She knew the names of my children, my husband, and she took time in each visit to get to know me as a person. While I had the blessing of an uncomplicated pregnancy and delivery, I struggled in the postpartum period. Lisa kept in close communication with me and when I tried to apologize for what I considered to be neediness she stopped me.

Her words to me were: “I do this because pregnant women deserve a connection. They deserve openness and they deserve to the support.” That is exactly what you get with Lisa.

-Mary F


Clinical Nurse Specialist

Rebekah G.

Rebekah, Lisa Sherwood Midwifery Testimonial

Having a natural birth was so important to me but after two miscarriages, I didn’t want to take any risks. Giving birth in a hospital was non-negotiable. Before I even knew Lisa was at Saddleback, friends of mine were ranting and raving about her. They knew her from many years ago when she delivered their babies. When I found out that having a midwife at the hospital was an option, I was so happy. When I found out it was Lisa Sherwood, the infamous Lisa Sherwood all my friends talked about, I was ecstatic! I knew she’d be great but actually getting to know her and experiencing her personalized care exceeded all my expectations. I went from being nervous about every appointment and on-guard with everything the doctors tried to pressure me into, to being excited about going and feeling a sense of comfort throughout the process. Lisa is a true expert at what she does. She communicates thoroughly without rushing so you can make well-informed decisions. She’s smart, competent, and has a heart of gold. I’m so thankful to have had her there for the most important day of my life.

-Rebekah G.